Necklace Crazy Red

Necklace Crazy Red

SKU: RD-COL-0010

Necklace made entirely by hand
Single Piece
Very light to wear: 50 g

  • Authentic Murano glass beads, hand-spun
  • Red Swarovski Crystal
  • Japanese Beads Miyuki
  • Red glass beads "cat eye"
  • Braids of trimmings (Soutache) hand-sewn around beads
  • 925 Silver Clasp


  • Delivered with its embossed box with the brand logo and a black inner velvet
  • Certificate of authenticity attached


  • Details

    "Princess" necklace round neck 45cm

    Pattern :
    Length: 28 cm
    Max width: 14 cm
    Max height: 6 cm
    925 Silver Clasp
    Back in ultra-suede