Curious, you are often told “addicted” to discovering new horizons, much more than to the dictates of fashion,

​Your motto is to incarnate only yourself, because that’s what being truly free is,

​You have to admit that you’ve always loved anything that sparkles, and you tell anyone who wants to hear it to put a little color in their life,

​You are an attentive person, and you tend for many reasons, each more valid than the other, to favour quality over quantity,

​You are particularly sensitive to the way in which what you wear is made, to the extra soul patiently distilled during the confection,

​You like to distinguish yourself with taste and finesse but without detours,

​You often say that jewellery must reveal the personality, subtly and lightly.


Rigorously trained in the technique of Soutache embroidery in Genoa, and in art embroidery in the workshops of the Lesage school in Paris, Palmyre passionately designs its jewelry in its Parisian workshop.

Each unique piece is patiently sewn by hand in a small workshop with which Palmyre works closely, located in Krakow in Poland, the Mecca of soutache.

The models, a real invitation to travel , are made with materials from all over the world, drawing inspiration from very diverse artistic sources.


Palmyre Paris is a contemporary brand. An alliance of creativity and know-howin French arts crafts that borrows from haute-couture's love for detail, finishing and its taste for noble materials: embroidery with gold thread, hand-spun Murano glass beads, semi-precious stones, trimmings…

Carefully sewn by hand, each piece is unique.

THE KNOWLEDGE (The heritage)

The Soutache (French word from the Hungarian "Sujtas") is a very ancient skill, historically developed for the decoration of military jackets or the clothing of the Tsars.

Its contemporary application in haute couture and jewellery makes this technique a true form applied now in jewellery. In fact, every stone or glass bead is set and enhanced through intricate sewing of trimmings. The silky braid is finely, meticulously and patiently sewn by hand in a set of interlacing colours that give life to theseextra-ordinary pieces.


Semi-precious stones, Murano glass beads, Hungarian silk trimming beads, gold thread embroidery, Paris silk thread, Japanese Miyuki beads, Austrian Swarovski Crystal….

Each piece combines colours and materials, brilliance or opacity, rich or raw materials from the four corners of the world.


All Murano glass beads are hand-made by Antonio Zito italian glassmaker.


The Maison Couture Caroline Bouvier located in Montpellier, collaborates with Palmyre Paris, combining the excellence of their respective know-how, to sublimate sumptuous wedding dresses.

"Wearing curls is not essential, also it is a part of reverie, a displayed sign of originality, it is important for me that what I display, or what I hide behind has an extra soul ", Adeline (a loyal customer)


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